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A List February 10, 2011

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I have a couple little things to write about, but no long blog topics in mind, so here is a random list of things in my head.


1.  I have been doing P90X for 18 days.  Today I had to do the yoga workout.  I hate it.  For once in my life, I actually don’t mind working out, but I dread Thursdays when I have to do their yoga.  I was looking forward to that one because I have done yoga in the past and really enjoyed it.  I don’t hate the whole thing, just the first 45 minutes.  After that, they get into the balance poses and stretching, which I love, but the first 45 minutes are torture.  “Sun Salutation”, you are dead to me.  The other day’s workouts are great.  The stretching one is glorious.  It is optional, but I always do it because it feels so good.  The cardio and weight dvds are great, too.  I enjoy the kenpo workout, but I look ridiculous.  I should never take up karate.  I don’t have a menacing bone in my body.  But it is working!


2.  Hubby’s mom got Little Man this ball on Saturday.  It is such a fun toy.  It has buttons all over it that you can press and they make noise and have lights and they also get pressed when the ball is rolled.  It also has a motor inside that will make it move around on its own.  I did not know that when we got it and the first time Little Man played with it and it started going on its own, it kind of freaked me out!  It is fun, though, and Little Man really likes it.  He is really starting to interact with toys now.  He will reach for anything and  bangs on things with buttons until they make noise.  He has a soft puppy-blanket-“lovey” thing that my mom got him for Christmas and had his name put on it.  I started giving it to him when he would go down for a nap right after the first of the year.  Until recently, it would be somewhere in the crib when I got him up from a nap.  This week, every time I get him, he is holding on to it, even if I don’t give it to him.  He finds it in his crib and holds on to it while he sleeps.  It is so sweet.  The other day, I heard him wake up from a nap, but wasn’t fussy, so I let him play for a little bit before getting him.  I peeked at him and he was using the puppy to play peek-a-boo with himself!  It may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  He loves peek-a-boo these days, but I didn’t know it was just as much fun solo!  He also really likes his, exersaucerbouncer and bath tub toys these days.  It is so fun to watch him learning and interacting with his environment so much now.


3.  I am just starting my books for February.  In December, CBD had an awesome sale with tons of books for 99 cents!  I got Little Man several and got a bunch for myself. Four of the books I got were from the series “The New Mom’s Guide”.  So, for my reading goal this month, I am going to read at least two of them.  They aren’t very long, so I may read all of them.  We’ll see.  They probably would have been more helpful when I was pregnant or right after he was born, but I’m sure they will still be helpful.  I’ll let you know.





Little Man is getting wiggly and it is bath time, so I’m going to cut this short!


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