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Medicine for the Soul January 12, 2011

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“Medicine for the Soul” is inscribed over the door at the Library at Thebes and for me, that is so true.  I go through phases where I will read and read  and read everything I can get my hands on.  Then I will either come to a book that looses my interest or get really busy with life and somehow stop reading.  Sometimes months will go by and I won’t have cracked anything except my Bible.  But then when I finally sit down with a good book it completely refreshes my soul.  This year, I am determined to not let that happen.  The only official New Years resolution I made is that I will read at least two books a month. Sometimes it takes a little bit for me to get into a book, but usually half way through, I can’t put it down, so I usually finish books in two to three days.  So, I hope to read more than two books a month, but I am not going to push myself.

I adore fiction.  I love getting transported to a new world full of another person’s hope, dreams, accomplishments and trials.  It is a wonderful escape for me.  You can get a taste of that in TV and movies, but with books, you can get inside the character’s heads and have the freedom to create the visual elements yourself instead of being shown everything. Not that I don’t watch TV, I do, too much, in fact, but I am hoping this resolution will make me turn off the TV and read more instead. So, I know at least one of my books each month will be fiction.

I buy non-fiction books a lot more than I read them.  Recently, I have read lots of parenting books, but not a lot else.  I have several books for Christian women that I need to read and some marriage ones I am looking forward to.  It just takes me longer because they aren’t as “gripping” as a suspenseful plot in story.  But I am going to try to read at least one non-fiction book each month.  However, if I end up reading two fiction books, I am still going to call my goal met.

I have already read two books in January!  (I did make this goal before I read them, so I didn’t cheat when making my goal, I just hadn’t blogged about it, yet. :-) )  Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop and I read any time I got the chance for about four days, although Little Man didn’t let me spend as much time with my books as I wanted, but he’s allowed to be needy right now!  Anyway, I read Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss.  Yes, they are both fiction books, so I am going to read a non-fiction book next.  The month is still young.  But back to the books I already read.  Safe Haven was a classic Nicholas Sparks love story.  The main character is very likable, as is her love interest, so I cared about them and their stories.  Sparks unveils those stories gradually, drawing you in and making you want to know more and more, so it is very gripping.  It was fairly obvious to see how it was going to end, from the very beginning, but there was a huge twist that was totally unexpected.

Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana was another somewhat predictable one, but it was very enjoyable to watch as it all unfolded with, its various plot twists and turns.  I do have to admit that the old west speech that the gold miner character uses did get a little old, but probably made it more authentic as it is set in Montana in the late 1800’s.  Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana is Christian fiction with a great message, although definitely not too “preachy” like some Christian fiction books can get.  The message is woven very well into the rest of the story.  It has a very sweet love story, or really, several love stories.  Both of these books are light reading, great for a rainy weekend when you just want to unplug. I think the non-fiction I am going to tackle will be Seeing Through the Lies (the subtitle is Unmasking the Myths Women Believe and looking through the chapter titles, seems like it will be very applicable) by Vonda Skelton.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  If you have any suggestions for fiction or non-fiction, please leave a comment and I will see if I can fit that one in sometime this year.  Or if you have read either of these books and would like to leave your review, I would love to hear it!


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  1. Ardath Kakavas Says:

    Glad you are making time to do some reading. The church library has a great collection of Christian fiction plus lots of good children’s books including the little”board books”. I’m there every Wed. from 10:00 to 2:00 and Anne Foster or Janice Ross are there on Tues. 11:00-3:00, Wed. 2:00 – 5:00, & Sun AM 8:-9:40. Since you are my special friend I would come in and open for especially for you sometime. See you in choir. (I bet you have already memorized the whole thing!)

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