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Blogroll January 9, 2011

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I love to read blogs. Some of them are almost like soap operas, but it’s real life!  They are also a great source of encouragement and have great tips.  In case you are looking for some new blogs to read (I figure if you read mine, you might read or want to read others) here are some of my favorites in alphabetical order by blog title.  I’m not playing favorites!  (It seems like a lot, but most of them don’t post every day, so I don’t spend that much time every day reading blogs.)

Before the Morning She is the mommy of Jonah, who has Epidermolysis Bullosa.  I started reading her blog right after he was born and it has been so much fun watching Jonah grow over these past few years.

Big Mama A Texas Christian mommy, but her focus is not usually on her kid, although she does share some hilarious stories about her.  She writes a fashion column every Friday and other great posts almost every day so there is always something new.

Bring the Rain Angie is a pretty well know blogger.  I think she started her blog when she was pregnant and given a fatal diagnosis for her unborn daughter Audrey. She has now become a speaker and author.

A Faithful Mommy This is the blog of a sweet girl I spent a summer working with.  She now has two adorable kids and gives great book recommendations, activities to do with kids and other tips for Christian mommies.

The Herrin Family This is my cousin’s wife’s blog.  She is an awesome photographer and they have an adorable little boy a little older than Little Man.  You have to check out the pictures at towards the end of her post from when her son was 5 months old.

Homeschooling in Kerrville Another Christian mommy blogger (do you see a theme here?).  She homeschooles her five kids and writes awesome posts about Christian living.  She also writes a great cloth diapering blog.

Kelly’s Korner I started reading Kelly’s blog when her daughter was in the NICU.  She is pregnant with her second little girl and seems to have the sweetest personality.  (I won an electric can opener on her blog in December!)

A Kenyan-Texan Family This is one of my roommates from college and mommy to Nate.  She is married to a man from Kenya and right now is doing a series of posts on cross-cultural marriage.  Even though mine is not, it is fascinating for me to read about it.

Life as a Baylor Girl See, I don’t just read mommy blogs!  This is my sister C’s blog.  She did got her undergrad and graduate degrees from Baylor and just got a job there.  She is just starting up her blog again after taking a break after grad school.

MckMama This is a very popular  mommy blogger.  She  is a great photographer, loves color and has five kids including miracle baby Stellan and her newest addition, Lachlan, who is exactly a month younger than Little Man.

My Little Corner of the World This is one of my favorite people in the whole entire world.  She was my roommate for three semesters in college and is still one of my best friends.

To Bring Him Glory This woman lost her 8  month old daughter, weeks later found out she was pregnant with and when she was seven months pregnant, found out her husband had a brain tumor.  She has an amazing faith and is expecting  baby number 3!

What’s Mine is Yours I also went to college with Bethany, who has two adorable kids and is a fantastic decorator.  Her husband posts recipes and helpful “Cooking with Paul” videos.  In his tomato sauce video, he shows an awesome way to chop an onion.

Words from the Wise This is written by another sweet college friend (I love that the internet let’s me keep up with all these old friends!).  She has a cute baby boy and her family just moved to work with a new church plant.

I am super super sorry if you have a blog that I read that is not on the list.  It is highly possible that I missed one of my very favorite blogs, so please do not take it’s omission from this list as a slight.  I have a lot on my list in Google Reader and could have easily accidentally skipped it when I was typing this list.  There are also some that I read when they post links on Facebook and if they aren’t in my Google Reader, I definitely don’t have them in this list.  Also if you have or read a blog that you would like to share, please leave a comment with the link.  I am always looking for great new blogs to read.


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