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O Christmas Tree and other decorations December 10, 2010

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I love decorating for Christmas.  I am NOT at all a designer and most of the “art” in our home is family pictures, but I enjoy pulling out the Christmas things each year.  I usually have the same decorations that I put in the same places year after year, but this year, I added a few new pieces.  I found a couple Pier 1 gift cards from our wedding four years ago and did some free shopping.  Here are a few snapshots of our home this Christmas.

The Front Porch(I took this picture a week ago and the poinsettias are almost dead and the star fell down.  The star will go back up, but the poinsettias probably won’t.)

The tree

I love our tree for several reasons.  Most of the ornaments have special memories attached to them.  They are from vacations and events and they are fun to remember.  A lot of our ornaments and the tree skirt were made by Hubby’s grandmother.  They are so neat and I’m glad we get to remember her in this way.StockingsI cried when I put up the stockings this year because there are three now!  We are a family!  We did sort of have three stockings last year.  Hubby got a tiny stocking (I think it was a gift card holder) and glued a peanut to the top of it because we called the baby “Peanut” before he was born.  It was really sweet.  Now that stocking is in Little Man’s room.

Santa FishThe fish and bear live on the shelf year round, but the fish gets festive this time of year.  I think he’s trying to get the attention of the lady with the wreath who only shows up at Christmas.  :-)

Card treeIt is hard to see it in the picture, but the wire tree is one of my Pier 1 finds.  They showed it with pictures on it, but I am going to put the Christmas cards we receive on it.

This my favorite Christmas decoration.  My mom started giving me parts of the set several years ago.  Each year, she would give me another part as a Christmas present and now I have all of them.  I love this Nativity set more than any other because Mary is holding baby Jesus.  I know she laid him in a manger, but as a new mommy, I would bet that Jesus spent plenty of time in Mary’s arms, too.  There is something about the sweet, motherly way she is holding Him that is at the same time very worshipful that really touches me.  I put this up in our entry way and it is a wonderful reminder of the real reason for the season.


4 Responses to “O Christmas Tree and other decorations”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love your decorations! We have the same nativity, but not the complete set yet. I got so sentimental staring at Mary cradling Jesus last year.

  2. Kelly Says:

    You won a can opener on my blog – can you please email me at with your address so I can send it to you!!!

  3. michele Says:

    I have that same nativity set! I love it so much!

    And my poinsettia is dying too…I have no idea how to keep stuff like that alive.

  4. I love my Willow Tree Nativity, too! Your house is lovely!

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you…

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