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All tied up November 22, 2010

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I have two younger sisters.  While we definitely had our disagreements when we were growing up, we also had a LOT of fun.  We were homeschooled, so we spent most of the day together.  After our schoolwork was done, we had a lot of free time to fill.  M, the middle sister, and I would occasionally (although if you ask C, the youngest, it was more than occasionally) pick on or just mess with C.  For instance, one time when I was eight-ish M and I convinced C that she was deaf by just moving our mouths and not actually speaking.  C believed us for a little bit, but she was only three or four, so that wasn’t a big accomplishment.  But we (M and I) thought it was hilarious.  We actually still think it is pretty funny.  Another thing we thought was hilarious was to wrap C in a blanket and put her on the doorstep and ring the bell.  My mom would come out and find C like a package waiting for her.  Now, I’m not sure why that was so funny, but we sure thought it was at the time.  I remember doing it a lot.

When I was about thirteen, M was eleven and C was eight, we started tying C to things, the swing outside, trees, etc. and locking her in the pantry or cabinets.  M and I know that she really was okay with it and was quite cooperative.  C remembers not being quite so into it, but she totally was.  One time, we blindfolded her, tied her legs together and tied her arms together and then weren’t sure what to do with her.  That seems like something we should have thought of first.  We put her on the sofa until we figured out our next move.  Then we left the room, for a reason I can’t remember now.  For another unknown reason, C decided to roll and fell off the couch, I think hitting her head on the coffee table on the way down.  She got so mad at us and still is, to this day.  But M and I think she has no reason to be mad.  She knew she was on the couch.  She shouldn’t have rolled off.  That was just dumb.  It was so not our fault.

Now my sisters and I all live in different cities.  M lives halfway across the country.  M has two little girls and I think they are starting to do the same kinds of things silly that we did.  I really hope Little Man has siblings and that they get into messes like we did.  Good times.


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