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Day 13 October 16, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady — mesillam @ 7:14 pm

Day thirteen is done.  The mission I picked was cleaning the bathroom sinks and counters.  I just did the master bathroom because the other bathroom is in another zone and so it is cleaned during a different week.  This is a task I had been putting off for some reason.  It really needed to be done, though, so I broke down and did it.  It only took five minutes to clean both countertops and sinks in our bathroom and it feels so much better to have them clean.  I don’t know why I procrastinate on things like this.  FlyLady is helping me to stop this bad habit, though.  It is so much easier to just put things away when I am finished with them, put my clothes in the hamper as soon as I take them off and clean the kitchen (including dirty dishes) while I cook than to have it build up and have to take hours to clean the house.  I think having a really clean house is encouraging Hubby to keep this things picked up, too.  (Or maybe he is just afraid that I will throw them away if they are left out!)


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