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Mommy, Mate, Me!

Day 10 October 13, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady — mesillam @ 9:36 pm

Day 10 was tough, but it is done!  I didn’t do exactly what she said to do because I had other projects I really needed to get done today.  But I did to them the way she says to in today’s challenge.  I set my timer and took breaks.  I got my refrigerator and freezer completely cleaned out (wiping down the shelves and throwing away old food) and the whole house swept and mopped.  Those were both tasks that I needed to do, but had been putting off.  I love how mopping makes my whole house smell clean, but I hate doing it.  I did not get the entire kitchen cleaned like I wanted to, but tomorrow is another day!  I am determined that I will empty the dishwasher, clean all of the countertops really well and (if I have time) organize the cabinets.  If I use FlyLady’s way of working for fifteen minutes and then taking a break for fifteen minutes, I think I can get it all done and not get burnt out.



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