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Day 9 October 12, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady — mesillam @ 12:12 am

Day nine is here and I am back!  I still have some lingering allergy crud, but I am powering through!  Today was a busy day, but I did manage to do my FlyLady-ing today… almost.  I got dressed to my shoes and put out two hot spots today (and my nightstand is better than it was earlier, but not quite clear).  The only part of the daily routine I didn’t quite do is shine my sink.  I need to empty the dishwasher, which I will do tomorrow, but I have three dishes in the sink that are waiting to be loaded.  So, I am not perfect, but with the crazy day I had, I am impressed that I am doing as well as I am.

FlyLady has a wonderful system for decluttering your home and that was what today’s challenge was about.  Basically you get three boxes labeled “give away”, “throw away” and “put away”.  She gives other great tips, too, including only working for a set amount of time and then taking a break.  This keeps you from getting burnt out.  She must know me!  I am one of those who will work and work until everything is perfect and I am utterly exhausted and don’t care to lift a finger for a long, long time.  This way, I work for a little while and then taking a break.  You might not get the decluttering done as fast, but you will not burn out, so you will finish that and many more projects.  My projects today were setting up my new dining room and cleaning my bedroom.  Hubby and I inherited my parents’ dining room furniture this weekend, including a china cabinet.  This is my favorite new piece of furniture because I have not had one before and I have dishes I want to display (plus there is lots of storage in the bottom!).  I had to unpack a few boxes, clean all of the glass (which did not want to quit streaking) and arrange everything inside.  I first got everything unpacked and then took a break.  Then I cleaned the glass, arranged everything, admired my masterpiece and took a break.  Then I cleaned our bedroom and called it quits for the day.  This is probably more than FlyLady would suggest tackling in one afternoon, but it is less than the old me would have done.  I still need to work on the kitchen, but I am okay with holding off on that until tomorrow.  I am a work in progress, just like my home.


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