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Day 6 October 5, 2010

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Day six was easy, but that is because I tackled this challenge last week and I didn’t even know I was working ahead!  Today FlyLady talks about “Hot Spots”.  FlyLady says to spend two minutes cleaning up a hot spot.  Even if you don’t finish, stop after two minutes.  My hot spots are a cabinet in our entry way, our dining room table and my nightstand.  These are the surfaces that get cluttered with mail and anything else I bring into the house and don’t want put away right away.  The problem is, I don’t come back and put those things away very quickly and soon I can’t see the top of the table.  I cleaned off all of those places last week and have kept them clear of clutter since then. See!

My nightstand looks cluttered, but there is really not much on the surface.  The card, postcard and tickets are all below the glass.  The only things actually on the top are my cell phone, a bag of Jolly Ranchers that Hubby just got for me at the store and I am having one or two a day, an envelope that needs to go in the mail tomorrow, lamp, lotion, my clock, tissues, Bible, a couple books I am reading and Little Man’s baby monitors (video and sound/motion).  It sounds like a lot, but really all of that needs to be there.  (Well, maybe not the candy…)  I usually have a couple stacks of books, random papers, water bottles and who knows what else stacked up there.

Hubby actually commented to me how he likes having the house so clean.  In fact, on Sunday our church small group leader asked if we could meet at our house instead of some other members’ house because they were sick.  I was able to say yes right away because I knew it wouldn’t take much work to have the house ready for company.  That is a great feeling.  And, a shiny sink is a nice thing to wake up to.




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