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Day 3 October 2, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady,Miscellaneous — mesillam @ 11:26 pm

Day three.  Check!  I got dressed to my shoes first thing in the morning and shined my sink right before bed.  I even remembered to dry my sink twice when I used it during the day.  To be honest, I did not put on lace up shoes, but I did put them on and even fixed my hair and face.  In other home cleaning and organizing news, I sold a bunch of stuff and gave away a bunch more stuff.  FlyLady actually says (I’ve read a little ahead) not to put stuff aside for a garage sale as you are organizing your clutter.  She suggests putting it in a box and when full, sealing the box and putting it in your car right away and taking it to a donation site the next time you run errands.  FlyLady says that if you save things for a garage sale, you will probably never end up getting rid of them and they will continue to clutter your house.  I had already set aside a bunch of things to be donated, but had not put them in boxes and certainly not in my car.  That was months ago.  (She was right!)  But my sister-in-law was having a garage sale this weekend, so I packed everything up and took it to her.  I donated most of what didn’t sell and am taking the rest to a resale shop in town this week.  It is still in my trunk.  It is not coming back into the house.  But from here on out, no more garage sales.  (The extra $$ in my pocket does feel nice, though…)



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