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Day 2 October 1, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady — mesillam @ 2:42 pm

Day Two is even easier than day one!  What FlyLady says is so true!  I was a lot quicker to get my day started by getting dressed to my shoes first thing instead of lounging around in my pajamas for a few hours after I woke up.  Most days, unless I had somewhere to be, I wouldn’t get dressed until lunch (or maybe after)!  I got some things done around the house, but not much.  My excuse was that I was on maternity leave, so I was kind of on vacation.  Now that I have quit my job and am not going back to work, I am no longer on vacation.  Taking care of Little Man and keeping house are my job now and getting dressed all the way is going to help remind me of that.  I will admit, that I did not put makeup on, but that is because Little Man and I were going for a walk (something we never used to have time to do in the mornings with all the lazing around we used to do before lunch).  But I still think I can check off this challenge as being complete!  (And we had a great time on our walk!)


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