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October 25, 2010

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I’m still doing FlyLady, but I’m tired of blogging about it.  I may blog again in the future, but for now, I’m done.


Day 17 October 20, 2010

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Day seventeen hasn’t actually been done, yet, but it will be.  I am going to set my bedtime at midnight.  I have always been a night person.  I would stay up until two and sleep until ten every day if I could, but unfortunately, the world doesn’t run on those hours.  When I was in college and working, I had to be somewhere by eight, so I had to go to bed earlier.  When I was pregnant, I was so tired that I went to bed even earlier.  But now that I am home, it has gotten really easy to stay up late.  Hubby is even more of a night owl than I am, so I like staying up with him, but I do need to start going to bed at a decent hour and training Little Man to go to bed earlier.  He is already showing signs of being a night owl, like his parents.  Midnight might still seem really late to a lot of people, but I think that is what will work for me.  It is a compromise between what I want to do and what I probably should do.


Day 16 October 19, 2010

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Day sixteen was easy because I had already done it!  The FlyLady e-mail I read was about decorating your house for fall.  I love fall.  It is by far my favorite season.  I enjoy Christmas very much, but it is so busy and only lasts a month.  You can have fall decorations up for all of September, October and November.   The only thing I haven’t done this year is plant mums in the planters by my front porch.  I just never got any in September and I didn’t want to spend money on them if they were just going to be up for a few weeks.  I feel like I am rambling, but it is late and it was a long day with Little Man.  Here are a few pictures of my fall decorations.


Day 15 October 18, 2010

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Day fifteen was easy because I’ve already been doing it!  I have never been good at making my bed every morning.  I just hated doing it all of my life.  It was never a chore my mom made me do, so I didn’t.  And it didn’t bother me to have an unmade bed.  After I got married, Hubby would still be in bed when I left for work, so I couldn’t make it then and I never felt guilty and it never bothered me.  Now that I am home all the time, I make my bed every morning.  I don’t know why I started doing it.  One day, I just did.  It is not hard.  I don’t use the decorative pillows, so all I have to do is pull the sheet and blanket up.  It takes less than two minutes and it makes a big difference in how the room looks.  If the room is clean and the bed is unmade, the room looks messy.  If the room is messy, but the bed is made, the room looks clean(er).  I still don’t feel bad for not making my bed all my life.  I was fine with it then, but now, I make it as soon as I get out of bed.  I was doing FlyLady before I even knew it!


Day 14 October 17, 2010

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Day fourteen is complete.  I did my routines today and the daily challenge.  I read Kelly’s essay on using a calendar.  I talked to Hubby and I don’t think we are going to do a “family calendar” right now.  Our schedules aren’t too crazy right now and he has enough appointments of his own to keep up with without worrying about mine, too!  If he needs to be at any of Little Man or my appointments, I just let him know and he puts it on his calendar.  I am going to do a better job of using a calendar for myself and Little Man, though.  But I am going to use iCal on my computer.  I am on my computer most of the day and I can just start checking it each night to make sure we make all of our appointments.

In other news, I made peanut butter granola today.  It was amazing.  And easy to make.  And WAY cheaper than buying granola.


Day 13 October 16, 2010

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Day thirteen is done.  The mission I picked was cleaning the bathroom sinks and counters.  I just did the master bathroom because the other bathroom is in another zone and so it is cleaned during a different week.  This is a task I had been putting off for some reason.  It really needed to be done, though, so I broke down and did it.  It only took five minutes to clean both countertops and sinks in our bathroom and it feels so much better to have them clean.  I don’t know why I procrastinate on things like this.  FlyLady is helping me to stop this bad habit, though.  It is so much easier to just put things away when I am finished with them, put my clothes in the hamper as soon as I take them off and clean the kitchen (including dirty dishes) while I cook than to have it build up and have to take hours to clean the house.  I think having a really clean house is encouraging Hubby to keep this things picked up, too.  (Or maybe he is just afraid that I will throw them away if they are left out!)


Day 12 October 15, 2010

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Day twelve really is the easiest day yet.  Deleting all the FlyLady e-mails makes me feel better for a couple reasons.  First, FlyLady sends at least ten e-mails a day.  This is not an exaggeration.  If anything, that is underestimating.  I hate having lots of e-mails cluttering my inbox.  A lot of the e-mails are testimonials, which are nice to read.  The others are challenges.  I read the challenges, but haven’t done any of them.  I have worked on my own projects, but they haven’t been in the “zones” that FlyLady is in.  I was feeling a little guilty for not doing the daily challenges.  Now I won’t!  The old e-mails are out of my inbox and I can feel free to just do the daily tasks that are part of the morning and evening routines so far.