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FlyLady Eve September 29, 2010

Filed under: FlyLady — mesillam @ 1:09 am


Tomorrow I start the FlyLady program.  Never heard of FlyLady?  She has a schedule and process for cleaning and organizing your home.  I am actually really excited about starting this.  I don’t think my home is in horrible shape, but it could definitely be better.  What I am really doing FlyLady for is the cleaning schedule.  I have just become a stay at home mom.  For the last three years, I was spoiled by having my house cleaned for me every other week.  With just Hubby and me at home, that was often enough.  But Little Man was born in July and I am staying home, so I have time to do it myself and would like to save the money.  This is where I am going to chronicle my adventure.  I hope by putting this out for all the world to read it will keep me accountable and help me stay on track.  So here we go!


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